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30 By 30: Renewable Energy Reform by 2030

The goal to a renewable energy reform

The solar energy industry is growing at an impressive rate with the first half of 2021 boasting 56% of newly generated electricity additions coming from solar capacity.  Sadly, this might not be enough to reach the U.S. government renewable energy goals or make an impact in the global fight against climate change.  For this growth to have a meaningful effect, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has broadened their solar sector objectives by increasing from 20% to 30% of the U.S. electricity to come from solar generation by 2030.  This 10% increase would result in a carbon emissions reduction of 50%.  Without this crucial development, solar may fall short and only account for 15% of the electricity generated.   

“The destructive impacts of climate change are happening now, and it’s time to reimagine our entire electricity system,” said Abigail Ross Hopper, SEIA’s President and CEO.  “The solar industry is leading the way in reducing electricity sector emissions, but we’ll fall far short of the 850 gigawatts we need to reach 30% of electricity generation by 2030 without policy action. It’s time for lawmakers to meet the urgency of this climate moment.”  

To achieve this renewable energy reform or “30 by 30” target, the solar power industry will need to install an average of 125 GW annually in combination with strong policy actions and investments.  This massive boost in solar installations will need to supersede current forecasts by 60%, but will admirably increase jobs in the solar and storage sectors to over 1 million and result in a gain of over $800 billion in new private sector investments.    

Is a renewable energy reform goal attainable?  We think so.  At Bridgelink Engineering we know that now is the time for a bold change and we’re eager to be an integral part of this movement. Bridgelink not only values improving our local community, but we also recognize that this is an opportunity for the global community to make real change happen together in support of a better world.

About Bridgelink Engineering

Bridgelink Engineering is a self-performing turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction company that has built a reputation for excellence in the renewable energy industry, most notably in wind, solar and battery storage.  Bridgelink prides itself on providing comprehensive, multi-discipline solutions and continues to develop large scale renewable wind and solar projects across the United States.

For more information please visit our website at, email or call us at 682-816-5006.

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